So You’re Blocking Facebook at Work…

Holy Facebook Batman!

(to add to the list of Robin’s famous outbursts).

You may have heard or read that Facebook will soon have a FREE standard version of their new product called Workplace. Or maybe you’ve never even heard of Workplace. Here’s an intro video if you’re unfamiliar with it. And you can sign up for your Workplace at

But what if you’re blocking Facebook for your company? My compnay is. It was a request from management and approved by the executive board when Facebook popularity really started ramping up. Employees were abusing time on the clock with their social habits. So what about Workplace by Facebook? Should we proactively block this or do you think we should embrace it if people start using it?

Facebook states that “security is their top priority” and they’re backing that up with SCO2 and SOC3 detailed reports with regular 3rd party auditing. But do you want your employees to go rogue and start a Workplace without your knowledge? Will you be blocking Workplace? Or will you embrace your employees appetite for a socialized collaboration utility?


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