What Superhero Are You?

This year Cisco Live has conjured up a new theme. IT Superheros. When I attended Cisco Live in 2015 I thought it would be fun to participate in their social media gatherings, contests, etc. I found it helped to keep me and other attendees pumped up and allowed us to network with peers that we may not have had the guts to walk over and talk to. It probably also helped to keep the Cisco employees pumped about being there too. I can only imagine that going to the same conference year after year might get a little stale. But Cisco really knows how to shake things up. Whether it’s with a 40GB throughput super server, a wicked Spark board or a bringing big acts like Aerosmith, Maroon 5, and Bruno Mars to it’s customers, Cisco delivers.

And this year, they remind us that we are superheros!

To quote Cisco Live… “As vital as oxygen; as indispensable as nourishment—you’re the ones who hold IT all together; who keep IT running; the ones who will transform IT into a future that will truly amaze.”

Will you be attending? Have you taken the superhero quiz?

I did. I’m an IgnITor. Defined as an “innovator, the superhero who inspires collaboration with everyone and everything, ultimately bringing amazing solutions to light where once there was nothing.” So now I’m pumped! I’m ready to go. Cisco Live! here I come!

Click here to find out what superhero you are. Haven’t registered to attend? Why not? Need help convincing your boss? Here’s a template to help you out.



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