Last Minute Items Before Cisco Live!

Things I’ve done this week to prep for Cisco Live:

  • Read up on each of the speakers that will be presenting for CEWN (Cisco Empowered Women’s Network). I looked for video clips on each of them. I’m such a visual learner so I will feel more of a connection when I see them speak at the CEWN event. Like this 2 min video on Kevin Bandy where he shares what he loves about working at Cisco or this TEDx Talks with Tania Katan.
  • Downloaded the Cisco Events app. You have done that already right? You’ll find great features like the ability to search for attendees, map your sessions, join in on the social contests, and take surveys. CiscoEvents1
  • Downloaded the MGM Resorts app so I can have a super smooth check-in and check-out experience while I’m staying at the Delano.
  • Check my emails for any special invites such as the one I received today for the The West Heroes at CiscoLive 2017 Spark room connection!
  • Check Twitter and LinkedIn for anything that CLUS is tagged in. I was cruising through the posts the other day and found out that ExtraHop is having a VIP event.
  • Map out which vendors I’d like to visit at the World of Solutions.
  • Check the News Flash page on the Cisco live website for any new updates.
  • Study for my exam (you know the exam voucher comes free with your fall conference pass right?).
  • Pick out my outfit for the Bruno Mars concert. What what!

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