Windows 10 Upgrade Experience 

So after ensuring I had a good backup, I decided to dive in and upgrade to Windows 10.

My computer?

  • HP Pavilion
  • Windows 8.1



After the install started it went into configuring upgrade for about 5 minutes. Once it reached 100% it rebooted and displayed this screen.


It rebooted a couple times. I went and got a glass of water, got distracted by something and came back just as it was finishing. I was presented with a brand new shiny interface.


This picture doesn’t do it justice but I particularly like the big Window. I think it’s a nice touch.


And upon logging in I can see I have the “Start” menu back. Yay! Now I can get rid of the 3rd party app I had installed a couple years ago.

I haven’t had much time to explore the new features but next I’ll definitely be reading this article on how to secure my privacy. I hear the upgrade count is up to 100 million and climbing!


Windows 10, a cozy place to go

When I first heard that windows 10 was going to be a free upgrade for those who currently own Windows 7 or Windows 8 or 8.1 I wondered what the catch was. Why would Microsoft be giving away yet another upgrade for free? This morning on my way to work there was a highlight on the radio where the journalist talked about windows 10, the highlights that most people would appreciate and why Microsoft will be giving away for free. The Windows operating system has historically been Microsoft’s moneymaker. But as the years pass it seems that consumers have less faith in Microsoft. PCs are continually plagued with viruses and malware exploits. And consumers would often wonder why should I pay hundreds of dollars for this operating system when the one that I currently own works just fine? But those consumers don’t realize that having an older operating system leaves their computer to be more vulnerable. So if Microsoft lets their customers upgrade for free, they will allow them to see the benefits of the new features of Microsoft’s operating system and their computer will be more secure leaving happy customers. Can Microsoft redeem itself?

There have been several articles on the new features of windows 10 so I won’t get into the detail. But, with every new operating system there are security enhancements. The consumer highlights will be the come back of the start menu, Cortana (Microsoft’s answer to Siri) and a new browser called Edge. Bringing back the start menu alone I think will make consumers believe that windows 10 is a cozy place to go, a familiar face, a reason to upgrade.

Will I be upgrading? I think so. On both my home computers? I’m not sure about that. I will upgrade one and see how it goes. Will you be upgrading?